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2018 Community Needs Assessment Update

As part of the process to update Community Action of Lancaster and Saunders Counties’
Strategic Plan, information was obtained from a variety of sources. Fifteen new key
community stakeholders were identified and interviewed, three from each sector
(community-based, faith-based, public, private and education) to gain their perspectives
about community need and the work of Community Action, data was updated from key
sources providing population-based information about the communities served by
Community Action, and Community Action clientele were surveyed to gauge continuing
needs and agency performance. Information gleaned from these sources was presented to the Board and used to inform the update of the organization’s Strategic Plan.

To view the full report click here.



2015 Saunders County Community Needs Assessment

As part of our strategic planning, we conducted a survey of Saunders County residents to help us learn how Community Action could meet the needs of county residents. As a result, information from the surveys was collected, and on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 a community conversation was held to share survey results, collect additional input, and discuss next steps. 

Click here to view the survey results.

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