Financial and Family Well-Being

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Navigating the ins and outs of managing personal finances can be tricky.  We provide financial coaching and one-on-one support to give you the skills to save, build/improve credit, reduce debt, create a budget, and more.  You will participate in six weekly group meetings featuring Community Action staff and experts in financial fields. You will also meet monthly with your coach to help you recognize and pursue your financial goals.  After completing the 6 weekly meetings you will receive a $20 gift card, and after completing the 6 monthly meetings you will receive an additional $20 gift card!  Child care and dinner will be provided!  

Financial Coaching is a six-month program designed to focus on your financial well-being by helping you develop and implement financial skills while ensuring a base of financial knowledge. It is a good program if you are working towards a specific financial goal (like repairing credit or making a large purchase) or if you want to get more control of your day-to-day finances. You will have individual coaching sessions to focus on your specific finances and group sessions to learn and support each other.

Group sessions focus on basic financial behaviors including:

  • Goal Setting – turn your dreams into concrete financial goals that match your values
  • Spending – the purpose of money is to pay for things. Plan your spending to pay for what you value
  • Saving – cover emergencies and achieve your financial goals by setting aside money over time
  • Borrowing – build good credit to bring your goals within reach
  • Protecting – keep accidents from ruining your finances
  • Maximizing Income – increase the money you bring home

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about Community Action's Financial Coaching services, please contact:

Andrew Ritta
Financial Well-Being Administrator
(402) 875-9351

This offering is made possible with support from:

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